Wednesday, November 19, 2008

McKayla's Visit

Our 6-year-old niece, McKayla, came to visit recently for a few days. During her stay, my parents, Brian, McKayla and I visited John's Incredible Pizza in Roseville. Although I had heard my first graders rave about JIP, I'd never personally experienced this kid heaven. The place was overrun with kids and adults alike (because it was a Sunday), but we still managed to have a whole bunch of fun!

Minutes after we finished stuffing our mouths with pepperoni pizza, we were standing in Fun World. We asked McKayla what she wanted to do first, and without hesitation, she pointed to this attraction, which is known as the Twister ride. All I could think was, "Food: Please don't twist your way back up during this ride!"

Next up, Brian & McKayla rode on the miniature roller coaster! I still don't know how Brian managed to squeeze himself into that tiny train car.

Isn't Uncle Brian the best?! After extricating himself from the roller coaster, he and McKayla immediately jumped on the Frog Hopper. He will do nearly anything for that little girl!

And we couldn't pass up a ride on the bumper cars! Brian, McKayla, and I enjoyed repeatedly slamming into one another. :-)

Now for some big kid fun!

Here we are playing an intense game of air hockey! (We're not at all competitive, as you can tell.)

Look at me, crouched down, legs anchored to the floor, concentration written all over my face...and no doubt my tongue was sticking out, too.

And I was thinking "Bring it on, buddy!"

Brian just scored again...and my reaction as you can tell is, "What? Not again!"

In the end, Brian was victorious by one point...ugh! :-(

I just hate when that happens...rematch is all I have to say.

To be continued...'til our next visit to JIP...

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