Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Luck, Babe!

Brian just received a call yesterday for a Chief's interview (for the position of Engineer) and he's meeting with Chief Mette this afternoon!

I'm in L.A. today with my mom, but I'm certainly keeping Brian in my thoughts and prayers! (Can't wait to hear how it went!)

Yesterday, I whipped up a good luck card for Brian while he was off playing golf. I didn't want the card to be a generic good luck card (like I've done in the past), so I went in search of something fire-related. I didn't think I had any fire paper, so I pulled out my old sticker box. While rummaging through it, I came upon six sheets of firefighter stickers. Some of them were extremely cheesy, but I think this fire engine sticker works. I had engine stickers pointing to the left and ones pointing to the right. Although design-wise it makes more sense to use the engine heading right, I wanted the driver's seat to be visible, so I went with the engine heading left. I drew a stick-figure Brian (with mohawk) in the driver seat because that's where he'll be when he's promoted. ;-)

While I'm super excited for Brian (and this promotion), it really doesn't matter to me whether Brian is a firefighter or an engineer. I'm just extremely proud of all the good work he does in serving the residents of North Highlands.

Good luck, Babe! I know you'll do well! :-)

P.S. I framed the fire engine by handwriting good luck in eight different languages. HERE is where I found the phrases.

buena suerte (Spanish)
viel gluck (German
bonne chance (French)
buona fortuna (Italian)
boa sorte (Portuguese)
noroc (Romanian)
pagpalain ka (Filipino)


Anonymous said...

Cute card!
We hope everything went well in the interview :)

Tina said...

AWESOME!!! We're so proud of our cuz too! But the boys will be especially excited to know he's DRIVING the big truck if that's what he gets to do! :-) Super cute the language touches.

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