Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steve & Nancy's 25th Anniversary Party

Last weekend, Brian's aunt and uncle renewed their wedding vows and celebrated 25 years of marriage amid family and friends in their gorgeous backyard. The ceremony was beautiful, complete with many parts of a typical Catholic Mass including: first and second readings, a responsorial psalm, a gospel reading, and a homily.

The first reading, proclaimed by Steve and Nancy's daughter, Alysa, was from Job 42: 2-5. In the reading, we learned that Job had suffered many trials in his life and found himself asking God, "Why are so many bad things happening to me? Although the first part of Job's life was filled with turmoil, in the latter part of his life, he was quite blessed. I mention this reading because during the homily, Rev. Deacon C. "Red" Cheever spoke about Job's plight and the way in which this story relates to our lives.

The deacon said, "There will be Good Fridays and there will be Easter Sundays."

"Wow," I remember thinking, "What an awesome analogy to describe the ups and downs of life!" And my next thought was, "I'm s-o-o going to put that on my blog!" :-)

After the ceremony, it was time to PARTY! As you probably guessed from the pictures, it was a Hawaiian-themed celebration, where everyone got lei-d. (Ha-ha!) Many of the attendees wore Hawaiian shirts and dresses. (And Steve and Nancy donned matching shirt and dress!)

Cutting the cake

Nicely feeding each other pieces of cake.

Here's a close-up shot of the cake, along with a matted photo from Steve and Nancy's wedding. Guests signed their names and wrote congratulatory messages to the couple in black ink.

Well, it's not the first dance, so is it the second dance? Or the 527th dance? Who knows how many times they've danced together since they got married 25 years ago!

And last, but not least, the hands-down funniest part of the party was The Newlywed Game. The game, hosted by Mike and Kathleen (Brian's parents), was a riot!

Prior to the game, Kathleen sent around a notepad soliciting questions from family and friends.
And then, she and Mike posed the questions to Steve and Nancy during the game.

Here are a few of the questions they asked:
-Where was your first kiss?
-When did you first say "I love you?"
-Steve: What was your girlfriend's name prior to {your wife} Nancy?
-Steve: What was Nancy's first car?
-Steve: How long was it before Nancy met your parents?
-Nancy: Where does Steve like to wear his tassels? (It's not what you think; it's on his shoes!)

There were other questions, too, but let's just say, one of them was not blog-friendly and the others, I just can't remember offhand.

As you can imagine, many of the questions and responses elicited huge amounts of laughter from the crowd. I just {love} these photos, which captured Christa's (above) and Alysa's (below) reactions!

Congrats again to Steve and Nancy on 25 years of marriage! And a big thanks to Mike Tucker who took all of the photographs in this blog post. :-)

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