Friday, July 3, 2009

We bought a NEW dog!

He's a yellow Lab like Lucy.
But he's only 18 inches tall.
Weighs about 5 pounds.
Requires no walking, feeding or brushing.
Doesn't bark, chew or drool.
His price tag: $20.
His last home was Lowe's.
He likes to hold a bone in his mouth constantly.
And welcome people to our home.

Isn't he adorable?! I just couldn't leave the store without him! :-)

And he seems pretty content living on our front step.
Speaking of being content, writing on this BLOG has brought me a lot of happiness. One year ago today, I posted my {first} blog post. Not surprisingly, it was a card for one of Kristina Werner's color challenges! Since then, I've blogged about our travels, music, recipes, family functions, scrapbook layouts, books and lots of color challenge cards! In all, I've written 126 posts! Sharing little pieces of my life here on the blog-o has been such a blast! THANK YOU so much for reading my posts and sending me e-mails, texts and messages. Your feedback is both welcomed and appreciated! Here's to many more posts...


Tina said...

TOOO CUTE!!! You had me...I thought you really got a new one! LOL
I love your blog!

Winter said...

Happy Blogoversary! I was looking at your vacation pictures, WOW it was beautiful there! I bet ya'll had a great time!

Nicole said...

Tyler likes the new puppy. He didn't quite understand the "not real" part.

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