Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many things:

my husband,

my family,

my friends,

our two fun doggies,

my faith,

our comfortable home,

lots of food to eat,

my fourth graders,

and vacation time.

It's been fantastic to have some good old-fashioned down time this week. Time to holiday shop in Nevada City with my hubby, get my teeth cleaned at the dentist, have lunch with my Mom and cousin, throw the ball for the dogs, and do a little baking in the kitchen.

Well, technically, I didn't bake these little Turkey treats.

Most of what I used was store-bought, with the exception of the donut holes, which I purchased at a donut shop yesterday.

Here's the Cast of Characters:
Oreo cookies,
donut holes (both chocolate and regular),
red licorice,
candy corns
and frosting.


These Thanksgiving Turkey Gobbler Treats are SUPER easy to make--a perfect holiday craft for kids and for those of us who still think we are! (Click on the hyperlink for instructions on how to make them.)

Please note: I tweaked the recipe just slightly. Since I'm not a fan of malted milk balls, I used donut holes instead. The donut shop only had 15 chocolate donut holes, so the rest are regular donut holes. I also used a candy corn for the beak and a thin piece of red licorice for the wattle.

As I was searching for the turkey treat recipe online, I came across this adorable Mr. Turkey song, which I couldn't resist sharing.

Mr. Turkey
(sung to Are You Sleeping?)

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey
Nice and fat, nice and fat
I am going to eat you
I am going to eat you
Just like that
Just like that.

Hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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