Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fun in Florida: Part 1

We safely arrived in Florida today and thanks to Katie's boyfriend, Justin, we have wheels! After a couple of hours of shut-eye in our hotel room, Brian and I jumped into our black Pontiac Vibe and headed to lunch at Rustic Inn Crabhouse. There, we donned paper bibs and feasted on four types of crab: Blue, Dungeness, Golden, and King.

With wooden mallets in hand, we cracked the crab legs right on the table, then pried the meat out, dunked it in butter and devoured it. It was so messy (I needed a washcloth, not a napkin), but utterly crab-tastic!

After lunch, we drove toward the coast eventually stopping at Fort Lauderdale Beach. We walked up the sandy beach, taking in all the activity around us: People flying kites, boys playing basketball, sunbathers lying on their towels, a man using a Chuck-It to throw the ball for his Jack Russell Terrier.

Just as we were about to turn back in the direction of our car, out of the corner of my eye I spotted Bubba Gump's. For those of you who don't know, Brian and I frequent BG's whenever we can. Why, you ask? Well, I absolutely adore their Louisiana Lemonade.

I first had one in Maui six years ago and I've been hooked ever since. While we were enjoying drinks and an appetizer, our waiter asked us several Forrest Gump trivia questions. I thought it would be fun to post the questions here. The first person to answer all four questions correctly here on the blog-o will receive a box of chocolates. Ha-ha!

Here are the questions...

1) What was the name of Forrest Gump's girlfriend?
2) Which THREE sports did FG letter in? (Please name all THREE!)
3) Which three presidents did FG meet? (Please name all THREE!)
4) Where was FG from? (city, state)

I will post the correct answers on Tuesday, January 12th and mail out the box of chocolates soon thereafter. As Forrest Gump's mama used to say, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Good luck!

1 comment:

Tina said...

Hee hee! Didn't know you were goin to Florida and a cruise, awesome!!!

Dave knows all these answers but the city in Alabama FG lived in...maybe we'll have to google it!

Have fun!!!!

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