Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tinybull's Toys

Introducing Tinybull's Toys, where it's all wood toys, all the time!

My hubby, Brian (AKA Tinybull), recently opened his own Etsy store. Woo hoo!

Right now, he has six items listed with more on the way soon. (In fact, wouldn't you know that as I'm typing this, Brian is out in his workshop--AKA our garage--creating additional toys.)

Here's a look at the wooden toys that are currently for sale.

1) A birch wood train set, including an Engine, Tender, Coal Car, Passenger Car, Flatbed, Circus Car, and (of course!) a Caboose. Choo choo!

2) An adorable pine wood sedan. Vroom, vroom!

3) A pine wood compact car.

(It kind of looks like my Pilot and Brian contends that I can park in compact spots, even though I'm not quite convinced.)

4) A pine wood pick-up truck. (Reminds me of the red Ford Ranger I drove for many years!)

5) A pine wood moving truck. Not just any moving truck, though. A Penske moving truck. It's become affectionately known as the Penske moving truck because Brian recently drove a bright yellow, 26-foot Penske moving truck from here to St. Louis, Missouri on a 3-day road trip with his best friend, Pete. Good times!

6) A mini-van. Makes me think of the Scooby Doo van. Also known as the Mystery Machine. (Remember?!) Man, I loved watching episodes of that show!

For more details on the toys as well as additional pictures, pop on over to Brian's shop. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how affordably-priced Brian's toys are! And if you're a member of Etsy (it's absolutely free to join!), show Brian some love by clicking on "add seller to favorites."

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!


Tina said...

WOW!!!! Check Brian out!! Didn't know he was a woodworker! Grandpa would be proud!
Off to check out he etsy store...

Winter said...

These look amazing, good luck with them! :)

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