Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week In The Life: Saturday, 4/24

This is the last day of my Week In The Life project. Technically, I stretched it to a week and a day, essentially so I could include both last Saturday and this Saturday.

All aboard! Time to head down to the valley!

This was the dogs' first ride in the Honda Pilot. (And we've had my car for four plus years!) Usually, Lucy and Rudy ride in the back of Brian's truck, but today they were treated to air conditioning and country music. They seemed quite content; no one uttered a bark or whine and neither of them threw up. Always a plus!

After dropping the dogs off at our rental house, I ran around town, checking fifty million (okay, more like eight--gotta love hyperbole!) errands off my to-do list, and finally pulled into my mom and dad's driveway around 5:00 p.m.

Just in time to put together this ice cream gift basket for our friends, Scot and Jen. In their birthday basket, I placed four ice cream glasses, Magic shell, sprinkles, nut topping, ice cream scoop and a gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.

I found this ice cream scoop labeled, Scoop of Love, in the clearance section at Michael's. It was intended for a wedding, but I thought it would work perfectly in this ice cream birthday basket.

All wrapped up and ready to go! The bag was just 99 cents at Michael's and my mom provided the red ribbon. (Thanks!) It's rare that I whip together a gift basket, but when I do, I often think, "They're fun! I should do them more."

With the gift basket ready, I quickly threw on my 80's outfit, applied tons of blue and white eyeshadow and pulled on my Tina Turner wig. After devouring a few slices of pizza, mom and I jumped in the car and we were off to the party!

The guests of honor: Scot and Jen, also known as MC Mallett and Jendonna!

My favorite wardrobe pieces: Scot's black mesh shirt and Jen's pink leg warmers. Oh, and I love Jen's Save Ferris t-shirt. So 80's!

Jen and Scot's daughter, Jessie, is on the left, decked out in Pac Man shorts and kickin' 80s shades. Delano, on the right, dressed up as a Blues Brother. Very happen'en!

And here we are! Mom sported a Donald Trump wig, while mine reminded me of Tina Turner. Or someone who put their finger in a light socket. :-)

Kathleen (my MIL), Joanne and my Mom

My FIL, Mike, wearing Kathleen's hip sunglasses. Doesn't he look a little like Hulk Hogan?!

"Goth" Julie and Delano

Scot, Jessie, and Jen performed a *rad* 80's dance routine, eliciting cheers, whistles and applause from friends and family.

Scot getting his groove on!

Jen's got moves, too!

Bravo, Yearwood family!

Here's to many more years of fun, celebration, and of course, dancing!

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