Friday, April 30, 2010

Week In The Life: Wednesday, 4/21

At school, STAR testing continues. Today was Part II of the Language Arts test.

At home, our phone line is now up and working! Woo-hoo! Sure feels weird to be in a new area code, especially since I lived in the previous area code for 21 years. It's now long-distance for us to call our parents and our cell phones.

Speaking of our new phone line, it enabled me to chat tonight with my sister, Nichole, while I washed the dinner dishes.

I also set up a Gmail account today since I will soon be deleting my Surewest account. Now, if we ever need to switch internet providers again, I won't have to change my e-mail address.

In our old house, the mailbox was right in our front yard, just at the edge of the lawn near the sidewalk. Here, though, we have to go a bit farther to get the mail. Brian doesn't mind, though. He just hops on his quad and speeds down our driveway! As you'll notice, the area where we retrieve our mail is the same spot where our garbage is picked up each week. So far, we've walked our trash can down, but you just wait. I'm sure Brian is fixing to strap the can to his quad and transport it down the hill. One of our neighbors rides his quad (with a mini-trailer attached) down the road twice a week: once to bring the garbage can down and once to pick it up. Another neighbor drives his Cadillac down the road with the trunk open and his trash can standing up in the back. It's the funniest thing!

Oh, and there's no recycling or green waste cans needed. Just one trash can for everything.

Gotta love country living!

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