Saturday, July 17, 2010

Waterfall Wonder!

We had so much fun hiking on Thursday that we decided to do it again on Friday.

Using the same waterfall website, we selected Lake Clementine Falls as our destination. Just to the left of the trail sign is a glimpse of the waterfall.

We headed down the trail hoping to see the waterfall up close.

It's not a natural waterfall since it's created by the North Fork Dam, but the view and sounds of the waterfall were impressive. The water flows off the dam and down 122 feet to the river below...

...creating a rainbow!

Above the dam is Lake Clementine, a pretty body of water that is popular with boaters. Auburn Boat Club members dock their boats here. Want to camp here? You'll need a boat. There are 25 boat-in campsites sprinkled around the lake.

Later on in our hike down to the bottom of the waterfall and the river, we found a mass of blackberry bushes, some of which had ripe blackberries. We picked a handful of them and carried them down to the river for washing and eating. Yum! Blackberries conjure up wonderful childhood memories of picking this delicious fruit with friends every summer up in Washington.

We didn't actually find the way down to the base of the waterfall, so we hiked down to the river's edge instead and ate our sandwiches while dipping our feet in the water. Getting to the river proved to be a bit difficult, though, what with all the bushes and trees that have overtaken the area. Several times, I wished we had brought some kind of instrument to do some bushwhacking. LOL

After lunch and the hike back, we got in the truck and drove to Upper Lake Clementine, which has a nice swimming area. The lake is super shallow here, making it nice and warm, and perfect for families to take a dip.

Next time, I'm going in!


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