Saturday, August 7, 2010

My New Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream Wrapped in a Crepe

Ever since our trip to Austria and Germany in May of last year, I've been craving a crepe.

Okay, maybe two crepes.

Or three.

Earlier this summer, Brian and I finally made a batch of delicious crepes using this recipe.

They are not quite as good as those we consumed in Europe, but they are darn close.

One of things I love about crepes is that you can fill them with nearly anything--your favorite fruit, cream, caramel, cheese or ice cream.

I'm partial to ice cream--two scoops of vanilla to be precise--inside the crepe, along with a dousing of chocolate syrup and coating of powdered sugar on top.

Don't worry; the sugar high only lasts a few hours! ;-)

Foodie Jennie

P.S. Are there any fellow crepe fans out there? What do you put in your crepes?


Tina said...


Alicia said...

Looks fabulous! I usually use a recipie that Williams Sonoma had in a catalogue a while back using strawberries with a ricotta cheese mixture that is great. Have you ever eaten at Crepeville downtown Sac?

Jennie said...

I've never heard of Crepeville, but now I'll have to check it out. Thanks for letting me know about it!

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