Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Daily Album, Days 6-10

Below are pages 6-10 of my December Daily album.
(If you haven't viewed pages 1-5 yet, click here.)

I placed the cover of the Crate & Barrel catalog behind page 6, not because I bought anything there this holiday season, but because I love looking through their ads when they come in the mail.

Day 6 Journaling: This year, I did half of my shopping online (mostly at amazon.com), and half of my shopping at stores like Target, Ross, and Costco. We also bought Scrip to BelAir/Raley's, iTunes, and Amazon at St. Teresa of Avila Church in Auburn. I also ordered Highlights again for McKayla. I loved reading that magazine when I was younger.

Day 7 Journaling: I have always been a lover of books, a love and appreciation instilled in me by my parents and teachers. Every Christmas, my mom and dad read a handful of favorite holiday books to my sisters and me. This list contains a few of those books as well as books that have been recommended to me by colleagues, friends, and family members. They are the stories I hope to read to our child(ren) one day.
1) The Sweet Smell of Christmas
2) The Night Before Christmas
3) The Polar Express
4) How the Grinch Stole Christmas
5) Frosty the Snowman
6) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
7) Bear Stays Up for Christmas
8) The Jolly Christmas Postman
9) The Nutcracker
10) The Christmas Story
11) The Twelve Days of Christmas: A Pop-Up Celebration

Oh, and two more good holiday books, which I found in my mom's book bin this year...
12) Yes, Virginia
13) The Santa Claus Book

Day 8 Journaling: Time to pick persimmons off the tree! We picked three off the tree, brought them inside and let them ripen on the kitchen counter. They look like orange tomatoes, but have a much tougher skin. I don't think I'd ever tried one before, but they are pretty yummy. Meaty, but sweet, is how I would describe the inside texture and taste. I look forward to tasting them again next year.

Day 9 Journaling: Gas leak at school today! Only eleven students attended class; most went home with their parents before school officially began. The eleven students were excited to have a smaller group. Debra said, "It's the best day ever!" It was a nice change of pace for me, too. :-)

Day 9 Journaling continued: A week earlier, we had to evacuate the school due to a gas leak. We stood outside (in the grass, then the park, and finally on the sidewalk) for over 2 hours. Two days later, we went into lockdown mode for 30 minutes because bank robbers were in the area. Craziness, huh?!

Day 10 Journaling: Today, my fourth graders enjoyed doing M&M math with their second grade buddies from Ms. Luna's class. The best part: eating the colorful candies!

More pages to come!


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christian said...

Great journal! I've journaled for nearly eighteen years and am always happy to see my stack of journals grow.

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