Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Lens

My summer officially began this past weekend. {Big smile}

It was so refreshing not to have papers to grade and lesson planning to do.

Still, I was so exhausted from all of the end-of-the-year busyness, that I really only spent time away from home on Saturday.

On Sunday and Monday, I was content to just sleep, eat, sleep some more, read, and take a few photographs.

Here's a look at our weekend through the lens:

When we visited McKayla on Saturday, she proudly showed us the gaping holes in her mouth (she had seven teeth removed recently) as well as her bug eggs (below).

We also spent time on Saturday with Brian's cousin's daughter, Mya. Brian taught her how to create a Pringle duck beak. Isn't that what great uncles are for?!

While at Brian's parent's house, I photographed this stunning red rose. I know you can't tell it's red, but I didn't like the way the color looked, so instead of scrapping it, I just converted it to black and white.

We watched How Do You Know on Saturday night. Did I like it? Well, let's just say that's two hours I'm not getting back.

So excited that one of our tomato plants has fruit.

I'm moving to a new school in August, so for the last week or so, I've been placing everything from my classroom in boxes. This is what I brought home on Friday; more stuff to come on Tuesday.

Our vacation is just around the corner, and I'm planning to document our road trip memories using Becky Higgins' Project Life format. This weekend, I spent some time printing and trimming these journaling cards (from Ali Edwards), so I can jot down my thoughts from the road as we travel throughout the Southeast.


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