Monday, January 7, 2013

Go Irish


Tonight, Notre Dame will take on Alabama in the BCS Championship game.  

The Irish are hoping to earn the coveted championship trophy--a feat last realized back in 1988. 

As you can imagine, Brian has been really looking forward to this day. 

He's invited a group of friends over to watch the game, and he's decked out in his Notre Dame shirt and hat.  (Noah and I are sporting ND gear, too.)

Back in November, Brian, Noah and I watched the Notre Dame/USC game together.  During the game, I snapped a few iPhone pictures of Brian and Noah (including the one above).

Here, Brian is grinning ear-to-ear because ND has just scored.

When Brian started clapping, Noah turned around to see what the commotion was all about.  Lots of smiles all around.

Then, Brian lifted his arms up and chanted, "Touchdown, touchdown!"  More smiling and laughing. 

I'm hoping to hear lots of clapping, touchdown chanting, and woohooing here at our house this evening. 

Go Irish!

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