Monday, February 4, 2013

Best and Worst Baby Products

From time to time, I complete online BabyCenter questionnaires.  

Generally, the questions are multiple choice.  

But in the most recent survey, BabyCenter posed six open-ended questions.

As I was typing up my responses, I thought, Whoa!  Wait a minute.  These questions and answers would make for a great blog post.

So, here they are:

Question #1: What's the best "new mom" or baby gift you received?
Man, this is a hard one because there are so many!  I'd say the best "new mom" gift was a gift certificate for a massage, and the best baby gift was this spa lullaby relaxation machine.  We've used it for over a year--during naps and at night--and it's still going strong.  (I better knock on something, right?!)  I also received an issue of Parents magazine from a friend, and I loved it so much that I purchased a subscription.  

Question #2: Which baby or toddler product can't you live without, and why?
I love our Dr. Brown's formula mixing pitcher.  Using it, we can quickly and easily mix up a batch of formula for the day

Question #3: Which inexpensive product has been super helpful, and why?
I'm going to share my two favorites.  First off, Desitin.  I've tried other brands, but I think Desitin works the best.  I also love Hyland's Teething Tablets.     

Question #4: Which expensive product has been totally worth it, and why?
Dr. Brown's bottles.  Even though they are a tad expensive, I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.  Also, if you like to run, a jogging stroller is a must.  We were lucky enough to inherit a great one from friends, but I know several people who have bought used jogging strollers at secondhand stores or via Craigslist.

Question #5: Which baby or toddler product has been a complete waste for you, and why?
We haven't used the shopping cart cover much.  I carry it in the car, but often forget to bring it with me into the store.  In those instances, I just wipe down the handle, place Noah in the cart, and off we go!

Question #6: Which baby or toddler product do you wish you'd had, and why?
This is a great question, but one for which I don't have an answer.  Luckily, we have everything we need.  Still, I'm sure there will come a day, years from now, when I will see a new baby product and think, Wow, that would have been so helpful when Noah was a baby!

Now, it's your turn: Moms, how would you respond to these questions?  Please share.  


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