Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

This year, we enjoyed Easter festivities on both Saturday and Sunday. 

On Saturday, my family--my grandfather, my parents, my sister, and her two daughters--joined us for lunch, an Easter egg hunt, family photos, and a birthday celebration for 10-year-old (soon-to-be 11-year-old) McKayla.

On Sunday, Brian, Noah and I attended Mass at 8:00 am, followed by more family pictures before nap time.  (All three of us napped!)  In the afternoon, we drove down to Brian's parents' house for fun with the Harless clan.

Here is what I want to remember...

I want to remember how much fun I had creating this super simple Easter egg wreath--the inspiration for which came from Pinterest.  I know I will enjoy this wreath for years to come...and it only cost me $7.00 to make.

I want to remember holding these two precious little ones, Noah (15 months) and Zoey (5 months), who won't be little much longer.  

I want to remember how Zoey fell asleep in my arms.  There is nothing better than cradling a sleeping baby.

I want to remember the excitement on McKayla's face as she searched for Easter eggs in our yard.  Her bucket was loaded down with plastic eggs and chocolate; one egg--the prized golden one--even had money inside it.

I want to remember how Noah "dug" for his eggs in the sandbox.  It was Noah's first time playing in sand, and as you would expect, sand ended up everywhere...on the ground, in Noah's hair--even in Noah's mouth.  Eventually, Noah found his eggs and was rewarded with cereal and a bracelet.     

I want to remember how Noah rocked his "Chicks Dig Me" shirt.  Drool splotches and all.  (I think more molars are coming in!) 

I want to remember how McKayla smashed her face into her Irish flag birthday cake.  (McKayla loves the band, One Direction, and her favorite member is from Ireland.)

I want to remember how much I loved the Cool Whip frosting on McKayla's One Direction cupcakes.   
I want to remember McKayla saying, "I feel old!" as she gazed at her sister, Zoey, and cousin, Noah, lying on the floor.  

I want to remember receiving a sweet voice mail from my friend, Linda, wishing me a Happy Easter.  I miss seeing her on a regular basis.

I want to remember how the baby room at church was packed with families just like ours.  Moms and dads and little boys.  Interestingly, there weren't any little girls in the room.  And all of the boys--who were around Noah's age--carried their own "snack" bag with Cheerios or goldfish or raisins around the room as they played.  It was so cute!     

I want to remember how after church I took six shots of our little family using a tripod and my Nikon D90's self-timer.

I want to remember how I made four batches of Jello Jiggler eggs, but instead of taking all 24 eggs to our family get-together, I saved a few for our family.  I'm glad I did; turns out, Noah loves jello!

I want to remember how Noah found his blue egg in grandma and grandpa's backyard.  Inside, we found a Scratcher and some chocolate.  Noah didn't want anything to do with the chocolate or the Scratcher; he just wanted to hold the plastic egg.  More for Brian and me!

I want to remember how much I loved eating my first Buckeye.  And my second...and my third.  Those peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate are oh. so. good. And oh. so. addicting.  (Thanks, Leah & Alan!)

Hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter. 

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