Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebrating 35 Years

In June, a few days before my birthday, Brian asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate.  I really didn't have any plans and I told him as much.  He mentioned going away for the night and I jumped at the idea.   

If you read my blog regularly, you know I have "wanderlust" issues, so of course, the idea of a getaway--albeit one with a 17-month-old--sounded exciting.  The first place that came to mind: Resort at Squaw Creek.

I've visited the Resort a couple of times in the past (once for work and several other times for play), and I always love it there.  Yes, it's pricey.  And luxurious.  And totally posh.  But it's also beautiful and elegant and surrounded by such breathtaking scenery. 

See what I mean?  Gorgeous.  This is the view of the pools from the upper deck of the resort.

Brian absolutely spoiled me by reserving a huge room, complete with living room, dining room, and kitchenette.   

We were living large, I tell ya, for about 18 hours.

We spent a good deal of that time indoors because, our room was off-the-hook awesome, but also because, as you can see, it was cold.  Sixty degrees in June.  What?!

The wind made it feel colder, so we (yes, even I got in!) took a quick dip in the heated pool, wrapped ourselves in towels, and made a beeline for our hotel room.

Brian kept Noah warm under two towels...

...until we made it back to our hotel room, where we jumped into the bathtub.  The warm water felt so good.  Here, Noah is just about to give me a birthday kiss.  I adore my lovebug!  

After returning home, I jotted down a list of things I wanted to remember about this little birthday getaway and here it is...

I want to remember...
  • how I felt such birthday love, receiving dozens and dozens of birthday messages from Facebook friends and family.
  • how Noah figured out how to open the hotel room door by himself.  Eek!
  • how Noah hated sleeping in his crib.  (On second thought, maybe that's one I really don't want to remember!)  
  • how surprised I was to receive an amazing lens from my husband.
    • how I read Until I Say Goodbye on my iPhone--laughing at several parts and tearing up during others. 
    • how Noah said "No!" for the first time to Brian.  With a shocked expression on his face, Brian replied, "Oooo-kay."  
    • how I adored cuddling up on the couch and enjoying the light and warmth from the fireplace. 
    • how Noah said "hi" to everyone at the resort.  The concierge deemed him a member of the welcoming committee.
    • how much I loved receiving phone calls and text messages--especially a voice memo from the Liotine family who was on vacation.  Listening to 7-year-old Tyler and 3-year-old Chase sing to me was the best!
    I know it's been over a month since my birthday, but thanks to all of you who made my day so special.

    I'm truly blessed.

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