Saturday, July 26, 2014

Goodbye & Hello

Change is definitely in the air around here. 

We've been saying goodbye to some things and hello to others.

One of the biggest changes has been moving Noah from his crib in the nursery to a twin "big boy" bed in my former office. 

It took Noah a week or more to get used to sleeping in his new bed and new room. During that time, he repeatedly asked to sleep in his crib for naps (and occasionally at night), and we allowed it, wanting him to make the transition at his own pace. (Luckily, we had that luxury since there wasn't a baby needing the crib.) Now, a month later, the twin bed, outfitted in a construction-themed sheet set and comforter, is where he lays his head each afternoon and each night.

Noah's room is still a work-in-progress, but I plan to share photos of it once I'm finished decorating it.  
As I alluded to earlier, my office/craft room is no longer in our third bedroom upstairs. It's now downstairs in the fourth bedroom. (A big thanks to my hubby for setting up my new office!) We were able to reuse the tables and drawers from my original office; they are just configured differently. (I'll post a picture of my new set up soon.) 

Because I don't have as much space as I did before (I was totally spoiled for four years with a huge bedroom!), I took a good look at what I was using and what I was no longer using. I also reflected on where my creative interests lie right now, and what I want to focus on more in the near future.

I then sorted through my scrapbooking paper and rubber stamps and other supplies and sold or donated quite a bit.

Purging always feels so good; it's cathartic for me.

Being in a new space is also exciting. I've enjoyed thinking about how to organize my materials and supplies, so that I can easily access them.  I've scoured Pinterest for ideas. I've also reflected on what worked in my old office and what I want to do differently in my new office. 

I still have some work to do, mainly decorating the walls and emptying a few more small boxes, but I'm really pleased with my new space. Perhaps, my favorite feature is that I have a desk with drawers where I can store (ie. hide) Post-it notes, paper clips, my stapler, scissors, etc. I love having these items within arm's reach, but tucked away and out of sight.

I've learned over the years that the cleaner I can keep my desk (and office), the more I tend to get done.

And not only do I have a new office, but I also have a new camera!

After shooting with Nikon cameras and lenses for five years, I said goodbye to Nikon and hello to Canon.

I'm now the proud owner of a Canon 5D Mark III. Yeah, baby! 

I'm slowly learning my way around the 5D with the help of the owner's manual and the Adorama Learning Center.

And when I start to feel overwhelmed or frustrated, I'm gently reminding myself that there is a learning curve anytime I move to a new camera--but even more so this time because I've changed brands.

Tomorrow, my family and I are heading to Oregon to spend time with Brian's family. We'll be leaving Noah's big boy bed and my office behind, but you can bet, my camera will be with me.

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