Saturday, July 5, 2014

Noah @ 2.5

I'm so thankful for this little boy.

Who really isn't so little anymore. 

Today, Noah is officially 2 1/2 years old. Or thirty months! (I stopped counting months when Noah turned two, but it's fun to think about HOW LONG he's been a part of our lives and our family.)

As I watched Noah walking down the driveway earlier this week, it hit me, Wow, he's really not a baby anymore. He's definitely a toddler now with a leaner body, long legs, and lots of curly hair.

Here are some recent photos of Noah taken with my iPhone. (If you follow me on Instagram @jharless, you've probably seen quite a few of these already.)

Reading a library book on our bed.

Visiting Daddy at work. Last week, a woman in the grocery store said to Noah, "You look just like your daddy." I smiled, thinking again how God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Playing at Funfinity.
Snapping photos like Mommy. Noah holds it up to his eye and says "Smile!" (This camera actually belongs to Brian and it doesn't take real pictures. It squirts water instead!)

Playing at the park.

Pouring water in his water table.

Trying on a mustache.

Putting together puzzles.

 Pretending to be a bear at the zoo. (I loved how he put his head AND arms through the hole!)

 Getting muddy in the creek.

 Swimming with his neighbor friend.

 Eating his first Push Up. Yum!

 Watching an "escabator" at work.

 Helping daddy dig a hole for a baby tree.

 Sporting new shades.

Jumping in the pool!

We're so grateful to Noah's birth mother for blessing us with Noah. He is the light of our lives!

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