Monday, September 29, 2014

Bring on the Music

Noah & Teacher Beth
Earlier this month, Noah, Zoey, Brian and I began attending a Music Together class once a week.

Teacher Beth started the first class by giving all of us--parents and grandparents--permission to "let your inner child out." To  hum, dance, march, sing, and play instruments.  To just follow her and do what she does.

She also said, "The kiddos do not have to sit in your lap or stand next to you." I could literally feel the stress being released from my shoulders.

During the session, Noah (32-months-old) and Zoey (22-months-old) did A LOT of observing--watching the teacher, watching the other kids, and watching me.

I sang (I love to sing!) and twirled and threw scarves in the air.  I marched and chugged and shook a tambourine.

One time, I looked over at Noah and he was giving me a look like, What are you doing, Mom? Are you crazy?

Maybe a little. Ha!

For the most part, Noah and Zoey were doing really well.  But then Teacher Beth turned off the lights and a boy whose voice I recognized yelled out, "I DON WANNA TAKE A REST!"

Even though my back was to him and he was a good 20 feet away standing near the door, I knew it was Noah. My child--who really doesn't like going down for a nap right now. 

I smiled.  And chuckled alongside a few of the other parents.

Fast forward to the second week...Noah and Zoey did a little less observing and more participating.

Noah didn't always march when Teacher Beth marched or hum when we hummed. And that's perfectly okay.

Later on that day in the bathtub, he started singing a tune from class ("Hello to [Insert Name], So Glad to See You"). And in the car the following day, he talked about how much fun it was to play Teacher Beth's ukelele.

Oh yes, he's listening.

Oh yes, he's absorbing.

Oh yes, he's digging it.

We can't wait for next week's class.

Bring on the music!

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