Monday, January 26, 2015

Currently | January

I'm currently...

sharing Christmas photo booth images (some with props, some without) with family via Dropbox.

drafting two new articles for Improve Photography.

enjoying Downton Abbey with Brian.

loving The Honest Co. body wash and bubble bath for Noah. (Thanks to my sister Katie for sending us a free trial!)

wearing a Pivotal Tracker 1. (My first band was a total dud, so I returned it to Amazon and they quickly sent out a new one. So far, so good with this second one.)

finishing up two scrapbook layouts using Ali Edwards' "Firsts" Story Kit.

framing this free 16x20 print. I had it printed at Office Depot (from a jump drive) for just $1.05. Plus, the frame was 50% off at Aaron Brothers.  Double score!

sprinkling my conversations with Noah with "color" words. Would you like the blue one or the green one?  Let's paint with red paint first and then yellow paint. (By the way, have you read this article about how important it is to talk--and talk A LOT--to your little ones? So fascinating.)  

watching Brian and Mike (Brian's dad) build the foundation for a chicken coop on our property. 

playing with kinetic sand and real sand and play-doh and watercolor paints.   

scheduling Noah's first dentist appointment.

trying to nurse Noah back to health after a yucky virus plagued him all last week. 

listening to Elise Gets Crafty podcasts while I do my makeup in the morning, while I'm driving in the car (by myself), and while I'm sweeping or mopping the floors. I've never been a big podcast listener, but I'm really enjoying it.   

soaking up the sunshine and the warmth. Is it really January?

adding photos from 2014 (and a few from this month) to our Adoptimist profile.  

dancing around to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off song. 

spying daffodil bulbs popping up in our front yard. Already?!
chatting with moms who are interested in joining Mountain Moms.

scouting out places to shoot a family portrait.

responding to emails from our adoption attorney. (No match yet, but we're hopeful.) 

loving how much Noah adores hugging, snuggling with, and talking to the dogs. 

Your turn: What's {currently} happening in your life?


The Evans Family said...

I love this post.So excited about your chicken coop. Noah looks so cute helping the bug boys. I'm also enjoying Downtown Abbey, Shake it Off and Honest Company right now!

Jennie said...

Thanks, Alicia! Yes, I'm excited to see the finished coop. It's still a work in progress, but I know Brian is really looking forward to fresh eggs. Does Joe watch Downton Abbey with you? It's about the only show that Brian and I watch together. I didn't know you liked Shake It Off and Honest Co. stuff...very cool!

Anonymous said...

Here's a really interesting article on preserving eggs! Thought you may like it, since sometimes you get more eggs than you can eat when you have a chicken :)

Jennie said...

Thanks for that article, Leah! I never would have thought to use mineral oil. Brian eats five eggs a day, but depending on how many chickens he gets, I'd imagine we might have some leftover eggs. I think we're getting baby chicks in the next few weeks...yay!

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