Monday, March 30, 2015

Currently | March

Welcoming Baby Cole, our newest nephew, who was born on March 14. 

Big sister Zoey adores her baby brother.

Reading Call the Midwife. (I purposely bought the paperback version--instead of the Kindle edition--because I want to be able to share it with my mom/sisters/friends when I'm finished with it.)

Holding our 10 baby chicks who are almost three weeks old. (I'm hearing tweet tweet, tweet tweet as I type this sentence.)

Hunting for Easter eggs. (Noah is having a ball this year!)

Going to church on Saturday nights now. Sitting in a pew for about half of the Mass, then playing in the "crying room" for the rest of the time. Oh, and eating at Taco Tree beforehand.

Making shamrock shakes with Noah. He wanted to watch the YouTube video over and over and over, so I had to cut him off after the seventh run.   

Appreciating the 400+ views of our adoption video. (Thank you, friends and family, for sharing the link!)

Listening to Meghan Trainor and Bruno Mars and Sam Smith on Pandora. Am I sixteen again?!

Counting down the days until my "Mama getaway!"

Watching the Downton Abbey season finale. (Looking forward to the last season...and a movie, maybe?!)

Reciting lines from Finding Nemo like "Keep swimming!"   

Utilizing a babysitter to help with Noah while Brian takes two multi-day classes (chainsaw and confined space). 

Making bird treats with bagels and peanut butter and bird seed.

Tracking my steps with my Fitbit Charge. My record so far is 16,679. Most days, though, I'm pacing around the house around 10:00 pm trying to reach my goal of 10,000 steps.

Editing photos from a friend's 40th birthday party.  

Emailing friends of friends regarding adoption. Answering questions and sharing info and enjoying helping others.

Trying out Mooyah, a burger/fry/shake joint in Rocklin. Their shakes are seriously amazing, and I love that their restaurants are kid-friendly (two thumbs up for the chalkboard wall).

Playing with Melissa and Doug repositionable stickers. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) 

Struggling to go meatless on Fridays. Breakfast and lunch are fairly easy, but dinner is kicking my butt. Any vegetarian or fish dinner ideas?

Devouring sweet strawberries after dipping them in vanilla yogurt and rolling them in brown sugar. 

Breaking out shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops. Boy do I love living in California!

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