Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Around Here | September 2015

Welcome, fall!

I love this time of year, although right now, it's still pretty warm here in Northern California. Today's high was near 90 degrees! I'm looking forward to wearing my warm sweatshirts, breathing in the cold, crisp morning air, sipping on some hot apple cider, and donning my brand new rain boots from Costco.

Here's a look at what has been happening around here this month.

  • Recently returned from his second strike team deployment.
  • Is enjoying all the football on TV, especially the Notre Dame games. Go Irish!
  • Is commissioner of his Fantasy Football League.
  • Recently built a wooden bridge near our chicken coop. (It makes getting across the bed of rocks so much easier.)
  • Is growing a mustache for only the second (?) time since we started dating 15+ years ago. He calls it his "strike team 'stache." I call it "early Movember." Noah doesn't like it, I'm kind of indifferent, and Brian loves it. 
  • Just celebrated his 37th birthday!
  • Loves watching Peg Plus Cat, Curious George and Wild Kratts -- all great PBS shows.
  • Completely undresses himself now. The last piece was learning how to pull his shirt off over his head, which he accomplished last week. 
  • Goes to preschool two days a week now. 
  • Is glad to be back singing and dancing at Music Together on Tuesdays.
  • Is very into puzzles. He has several 12-piece puzzles that he can do all by himself, and we just started working on a 24-piece puzzle. He only needs a little help with it (the edges mostly), and then he can do the rest by himself.
  • Is carrying his new leaf blower around wherever he goes -- even in the car and in bed as we read stories. (But the leaf blower "sleeps" in the hallway. Why? So Noah doesn't wake up and play with it at 3:00 am like he did last Tuesday.)  
  • enjoyed a "goodbye summer" root beer float recently, and as he was eating it, he looked at me and asked, "Mom, do they have root beer sink?" (I love how kids are so literal.)
  • Insists he wants to be Captain Hook for Halloween, and although most kids change their minds a hundred times in the weeks leading up to Halloween, I don't think he will. I think his mind is made up, so Captain Hook it will be!
  • Is selling eggs to the neighbors for $5 per dozen. (Which, so far, has covered the cost of a 50 lb. bag of grain. Sweet!)
  • Is researching engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Is using her iPhone 4 until December when she's eligible for an upgrade.
  • Is editing maternity photos of her sister and brother-in-law. (That's one of my favorite shots above.) Their baby girl is going to be a beauty, that's for sure.
  • Is sprinkling hundreds of ladybugs at the base of the tomato plants, hoping to rid them of aphids. Go ladybugs, go! (Next year, I'm going to plant marigolds near them.) 
  • Is marveling at the generosity of a community member who made a Little Free Library for her, and then wouldn't take payment for it. (Per his request, she made a donation to a local food bank on his behalf.)
  • Is enjoying fresh-picked carrots from the local farm. They're so much better than the ones from the grocery store!
  • Is moving slower and sleeping more. (She'll be 12 soon.)
  • Is getting more stubborn (if that's possible) as she ages. 
  • Is still taking 16 units of insulin twice a day.
  • Is back to eating Kleenex out of the garbage cans, which she hasn't done for years.What gives?
  • Can't hear very well anymore. Sometimes, though, I can't tell if she's just ignoring me or if she really can't hear me. 
  • Loves to wander and roam around our property.
  • Is so mellow, I really wonder sometimes if he is truly part Lab. 
  • Enjoys hanging out with the chickens. Seriously, they're buds. 
What's happening in your neck-of-the-woods?

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