Sunday, November 2, 2008

Craft Fair

Yesterday, I participated in Country Villa's Christmas craft fair! (A big thanks to Grandma B for inviting me to participate!) The eight-foot table allowed me to showcase an assortment of different greeting cards, tags, and gift card holders. Although it was raining much of the day, there was a steady stream of people moving through the hall. Many of the folks who came by live in the park, but others saw the road signs and moseyed on in. (The word "mosey" makes me think of City Slickers and the infamous Curly...I just love that movie!) Several of my family members and friends visited the craft fair as well, including Grandma B, Kathleen, Mom, Aunt Susie and Nicole. Thank you to all of you for venturing out in the yucky weather to visit with me and purchase some cards! It meant so much to me that you would take time out of your busy Saturday to support me!

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