Saturday, January 10, 2009

CDs Galore

I think you can learn a lot about a person by viewing their Cd collection. Not only do you glean which genres of music they are inclined to listen to, but also their favorite singers and bands.

Here's a look at part of my Cd collection.

These are a few of my country faves:
Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Lee Ann Womack, etc.

Currently, we have stacks of Cds on the floor of our living room. Here's why: Brian is hoping to get a new TV soon for our family room. He's patiently waiting for Fry's to receive more 32" Samsung TVs, so he can purchase one using his raincheck.

In order to install his new TV in our armoire, he needs to pull the armoire out from the wall. Up until today, the lower portion of the armoire was filled to capacity with Cds and Dvds--Cds and Dvds which we rarely access. So Brian decided to pull all of the Cds out of the armoire and burn some of the Cds onto our external hard drive.

As he was busy burning, I began looking through our CD collection. I have a small number of Cds, compared with the number of Cds my husband owns. (He has so many Cds, I jokingly refer to him as DJ Brian sometimes.) As I perused my Cds, I found that I have more country albums than anything else. No surprise there; I love country music!

But I also have a fair number of Christian cds, too. One of my favorite Christian artists is Nichole Nordeman. (She and my sister share the same unique spelling of their first name!)

Not only can Nichole sing, but she is also a gifted songwriter. (She wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the Brave album, with the exception of the Bob Dylan tune, Gotta Serve Somebody.)

Case in point: Inside the Brave CD jacket, Nichole writes: "These songs are the stories that were poured into and out of mine the last couple of years. I've walked into some dark places with some very dear people, and then back into the sunlight. And they, with me. This has been a real honor, and doesn't come all that naturally as I can tend to be a bit of a loner. (Type A/loner...nice combo.)"

I can certainly relate: Type A/loner describes me, too.

Nichole goes onto say that: "The love of God hoists us up on the shoulders of Jesus and hollers out the promise of St. Paul, I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength! It scoops us up and makes us brave."

I love that quote from St. Paul, just as I love many of Nichole's songs. In fact, I couldn't decide on my top three favorite songs, so here are my top four Nichole Nordeman songs:

1) Brave

2) Every Season

3) Legacy

4) I Am

If you love contemporary Christian music, but haven't heard Nichole's songs yet, take a listen...I think you'll be moved and inspired by what you hear. She's a great live performer, too. (She sounds just like she does on her Cds.) Brian and I have been fortunate to see her in concert three times. Here I am with Nichole in February 2007. And I look forward to seeing her in concert again soon.

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