Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guns & Hoses Game

Men in tight football pants: something I never grow tired of! {wink}

Today, the 7th annual Guns & Hoses football game was held at Sac State. (During this charity game, police officers and firefighters battle it out on the football field. The cops have won six of the seven games, but the firefighters were victorious last year!) Our family and friends gathered to cheer on Brian (#71) and his fellow firefighters.

Before the game, we paid tribute to this year's fallen firefighters and police officers, including Sac Metro Captain Jim Peterson and Engineer Bob Warner. Off to the right are the bagpipe players--hearing that instrument always gives me the chills.

Also, Metro Copter #1 (and a flock of law enforcement helicopters) flew low over Hornet Stadium several times.

Now, onto the game...hike!

Brian was an offensive lineman, so you'll see him blocking various defensive players in the next few pictures. In this photo, he is the "red" player in the middle roughing up #30.

You'll notice that the action is occurring on the right side of the photo. Now look to the far left. Yep, that's my hubby stirring it up with a cop, even as the ball lay dead on the field. The football uniform, pads, and helmet sure bring out his feistiness!

More blocking...

Ok, ok, even though my knowledge of football is miniscule, I think I can do better than more blocking. It appears at this instance that the offensive line is holding their ground and providing the quarterback with sufficient time to locate an open receiver. Nicely done!

Cheering on Brian and the firefighters were: Steve, Nicole, Tyler, Christa, Alysa, Steve, Grandma, Grandpa, Liz and Kathleen.

This little fire cheerleader was rooting for the dogs, too...isn't she adorable?!

Oh, and don't forget me...I'm a big fan, too!

Even though the cops won in the end (final score was 35-20), the firefighters sure gave it their best effort. Rumor has it that there may not be a game next year. But if there is, you can bet that Brian--mohawk and all--will be playing in it.

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