Friday, April 10, 2009

You Can Now Subscribe to My Blog...

Yes, it's true!

Thanks to my tech-savvy husband, you can now receive my blog posts by e-mail! :-)

{You'll have to use your imagination, but I'm doing the happy dance!}

For months, I've been receiving blogs from fellow paper crafters in my e-mail inbox. I just love not having to remember to log onto each and every blog daily. Instead, each new post just magically appears in my inbox.

So, several weeks back, I logged onto FeedBlitz's website and tried to figure out how to sign-up for their e-mail delivery service. I knew it would cost me a few dollars a month to subscribe, but since the cost is directly tied to the number of subscribers you have (and I figured I'd have two people max sign up--my mom and my hubby), I knew the fees would be minimal.

Well, would you believe...I couldn't even log into my FeedBlitz account, let alone change the settings. ;-( So, I e-mailed the techies at FeedBlitz. Phil (at FB) tried to help me, but what can I say...sometimes, I'm beyond help.

So, I called in the troops! (Read: I begged my hubby to help me.) After an hour or more of tinkering away at my computer, my hubby discovered that I couldn't log into FeedBlitz because Firefox was preventing it. (Yippee...problem solved!)

However, before he signed me up for Feedblitz, he did a little research on automated e-mail subscriptions. And as it turns out, FeedBurner (by Google) provides the same type of service as FeedBlitz, but it's FREE... to me and you!

If you're interested in receiving my new blog posts via e-mail, just type your e-mail address in the box on the left side of my blog. FeedBurner will then send you a verification e-mail and once you confirm your subscription, you're all set to go!

So far, 16 brave souls have signed up.

{My thanks to all of you!}

BTW, if you're interested, here are the blogs I currently subscribe to:

Ali Edwards
(Ali is a gifted graphic designer and scrapbooker extraordinaire. She just had a baby girl, so many of her latest projects have centered around little Anna.)

Stephanie Howell
(Stephanie is a scrapbooker whose husband is in the Army Rangers and currently on deployment overseas. She is raising two little girls by herself and has some funny stories to share! She says writing daily blog posts helps to keep her sane!)

Dawn McVey
(Dawn is a talented cardmaker who introduced me to Papertrey products.)

Clean & Simple Stamping
(I love viewing the card layouts these three women come up with and occasionally, I'll post a card I've made using one of their sketches.)

Jennifer McGuire
(Jennifer's scrapbook layouts are jaw-droppingly impressive!)

Kristina Werner
(Kristina, a former designer for Stampin' Up!, is a talented gal who posts great card-making videos on her blog and hosts addicting weekly color challenges.)

Again, thanks to my love-ly hubby for sacrificing several hours of his time to make this happen!

{hugs & kisses}

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