Monday, May 25, 2009

KW's Color Inspiration Challenge #53

I'm a big fan of primary colors, so I jumped at the chance to participate in this color challenge.

This little guy posing with his toy robot (the color-inspiring piece) is a real cutie!

Sometimes before I jump right into making a card, I grab a stickie (a post-it note) and draw and/or write any ideas I have...capturing them before they float off into obscurity.

Here's my sketch for this card...see, I told you I can't draw very well! :-)

This new pad of paper from the Van Gogh Museum (in Amsterdam) is the perfect size for housing present and future stickie sketches.

For this challenge, I wanted to mix it up a bit and work with a different sized card--not a typical A2 card--so I pulled out this red miniature file folder (which came in a multi-color pack at Lakeshore Learning). Then, I searched for some black and white floral paper. Using my Zig Writer pens, I colored the flowers red, yellow, and blue and then adhered black sticker embellishments on some of the flower centers and just colored in the rest with black marker.

On the tab of the folder, I stamped "friends are the family you choose yourself" in black ink. Love that SU! sentiment! Inside the card, I adhered a piece of white cardstock.

File folder: Lakeshore Learning
Paper: Unknown
Markers: Zig Writers (1.2 mm)
Stamp: SU! Small Sayings
Sticker Embellishments: Michael's Stores ($1 bin)

P.S. In the past, I've added a paper clip and three (or four) tied ribbons to any file folder cards, so initially I did the same to this card. But after snapping photos of the card and uploading them, I didn't like how it looked. The ribbons seemed too large and overpowering and covered up too many of the flowers. So in the end, I embraced my minimalistic ways and removed the paper clip and ribbons from the card. (Blog Readers: What do you think? Do you prefer version #1--below--or version #2--above?)


Tina said...

Hard to say...both are cute!!! I could see maybe in real life the ribbons being too much of the focus though! :-)
Great job...I'm jealous...been long time since I made a card it seems!

Dotty said...

Both are cute, but I think I like the one without the ribbons the best. Those flowers made me smile. Love the mini-folder. Nice job.

Randee E said...

Cute cute card. I agree with you and like the one without the ribbon better. Love those mini file folders!

Winter said...

Cute! I love the little file folders!

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