Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 Ways to Keep the Love Alive

I'm always on the lookout for things to share here on my blog-o.

Last week, as I was waiting for the microwave to finish heating up my leftover chicken dinner, I stared at the refrigerator door. On the door, hung a typed list entitled, 7 Ways to Keep the Love Alive. Back in 2002, while reading Reader's Digest, I came across this piece and loved it so much that I ripped it out of the magazine. Then, I typed it up in Word, printed it out on white cardstock, laminated it, and stuck a few magnets on the back. It has graced our refrigerator door ever since.

Here's what it says...

7 Ways to Keep the Love Alive

1) Remember that to love someone is to wish them the best; always wish the best for each other.

2) Don't forget that you're in love. Kiss her in elevators, hold his hand at the movies. Tell her she's beautiful. Then tell her again.

3) Never speak ill of his family or friends, especially the ones you don't like.

4) Listen to each other. When you're wrong, say you're sorry; when you are right; hush up.

5) Never embarrass or correct one another in public; try not to in private, either.

6) Don't yell unless the house is on fire; whisper when you argue.

7) On the days you don't like each other, remember you love each other.

(Taken from Reader's Digest, 2002)

Although I don't read this list everyday, I still stop occasionally and take time to peruse it. Do I always follow these suggestions? I wish I could say "Yes," but since I like to keep it real here on the blog-o, the answer is "No." I'm not perfect; I'm human. But this list helps to remind me that--although I'm a human being who makes mistakes at times--I must continually make an effort to think and act in ways that will help keep our love alive.
P.S. Want me to e-mail you a copy of the Word doc, so you can easily print it out and post it up? Just leave me a message with your e-mail address and I'd be glad to do so!

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