Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Today: June 23rd

I love this simple documentation idea from The Simple Woman's Daybook via Ali Edwards' blog:

June 23, 2009

Outside my workshop window...is a planter box with soil, but no plants. (We didn't get around to planting a garden this year, but there's always next year!)

I am thinking...about calling my good friends, Tori and Noah because it's been awhile since we chatted.

I am thankful for...family. Both blood-related and by way of marriage.

From the kitchen...I am going to heat up my leftover CPK tostada pizza (from last night) for dinner tonight.

I am wearing...work-out clothes (t-shirt and shorts) because I'm headed to California Family Fitness with my mom.

I am creating...a Turning 30 layout.

I am going...to write my birthday thank you notes.

I am reading...The Blessing of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel. (Highly recommend it for parents, teachers, and anyone else who cares about kids.)

I am hoping...to soon hear where and what I will be teaching next year.

I am hearing...Then by Brad Paisley. (Love the lyrics of that song!)

Around the house...the family room screen door is no longer in its track (Lucy popped it off trying to get into the house), there is a Goodwill pile in the living room, and the kitchen floor is newly-swept.

One of my favorite things...right now is black currant juice. When Brian and I visited Germany and Austria recently, I tried Johannisbeer (the name for black currants in German) and liked it. It's a deep-purple juice--much like grape juice--but thicker and not as sweet. And it's really GOOD for you with tons of antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium. If you'd like to try a FREE bottle of CurrantC juice, send an e-mail to: kvaillancourt@currantc.com and include your name and mailing address. (Yes, it's really FREE and no, I'm not being financially compensated in anyway for touting this fruit juice! I just think it's yummy and thought you might, too.)

A few plans for the rest of the week...tomorrow, I'm hoping to finish the Turning 30 layout, vacuum, and clean the bathrooms. Perhaps, I'll also finish my in-progress Yosemite blog post. On Thursday, we're having our carpets cleaned and on Friday, Brian and I will be hanging out together.

A picture to share...

...the book I'm reading, the free CurrantC juice that came in the mail on Saturday, and the Turning 30 layout, currently a work-in-progress.

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