Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy 22nd Birthday, Katie!

Wow, my baby sister (on the far right) is 22 today. And I say baby sister lovingly. Not at all in a condescending manner. With nine years between us, Katie will always be my baby sister, no matter how old she gets. (Hope you're o.k. with that, Kate. If not, straighten me out, will ya?!)

It seems like yesterday that Katie, Nichole, and I were posing for this picture in an Orlando, Florida restaurant.

And yet, it's been eight years!

Katie had just graduated from eighth grade and I had recently graduated from college. To celebrate, our maternal grandparents treated us to a week of fun at Disney World, Epcot Center, and the Kennedy Space Center. Two of our cousins, Catherine and Billy, were also there and what a blast we all had! One of the funniest memories I have from the trip happened in the timeshare where we were staying. Someone (I'm not sure if it was me or Katie or our cousin, Catherine) opened the closet doors in our room only to discover a live cockroach inside. She started screaming at the top of her lungs and Grammie bolted into our room wondering what in the world was wrong. We explained the situation and Grammie killed the cockroach on the spot. With a shoe as I recall. As you might imagine, we (the girls) were in hysterics! By the way, thank you Grammie, for saving us from such a vile creature!

Now, back to the photo...since Nichole (in the middle) was living nearby in Valdosta, Georgia, she drove up to see us. It was wonderful to spend time with my grandparents, my cousins, and my sisters.

As sisters, we share a mom and dad and a similar upbringing, but we have something else in common. We're all born in the month of June. And to top that, we were all born within a 10-day period in June. Yep, Katie's birthday is today, mine is Friday, and Nichole's birthday is next Saturday. Let's just say growing up, we had a lot of combined birthday parties. And they were an utter blast! :-) Nowadays, because all three of us live in different cities (even different states), joint celebrations are rare. This year, for instance, we can't be together. Nevertheless, let the celebrations commence!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Kate!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Your Big Sister Jen and Big B

P.S. I just found a few more pics from that fun trip!

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Anonymous said...

I loved this story about our trip! I, too, remember that cockroach story like it was yesterday! I sure wish that "the girls" (You, Mom, Nick, and I) could plan a vacation just us! ... maybe you and I need to get on this?

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