Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo Gift Tags--SUPER easy!

While flipping through my recent Papercrafts magazine--which is full of handmade cards and other paper creations--a picture of some handcrafted photo gift tags caught my eye. Mounted on each gift tag was a picture of the person receiving the gift. How adorable! And there was not much to them--just a picture, a piece of cardstock, ribbon, and some sticker letters. Easy-peasy!

In Rothenburg, Germany, we purchased a little gift for our godson, Tyler. It's been sitting in a gift bag for a couple of weeks, but up until about a week ago, I had yet to attach a tag to it. So, I figured I'd make a photo gift tag! The hardest part was finding a photo of Tyler. Looking through photos from his 3rd birthday party, I found this one and printed it out on my home printer.

Next, I mounted the picture to blue SU! cardstock, then added Michael's ribbon and the Making Memories letters, "t" and "o". I cut the top corners at an angle, punched a hole in the top, and tied the ribbon to the handle of the bag.

We're hoping to have dinner with Tyler and his mom and dad next week, so hopefully, we can give him his souvenir then.

I know young children like Tyler would probably adore these photo gift tags, but why not adults, too?!

Brian's aunt and uncle are celebrating their 25th anniversary today! (Yippee!) This afternoon, amid family and friends, they will be renewing their wedding vows. In celebration of their silver anniversary, Brian and I bought them a little something in Germany. Earlier this week, I placed it in a box and wrapped the box with this adorable black and white polka dot paper. Before tying on the red ribbon, though, I thought, "Hey, let's add a photo gift tag!"

I {love} this black and white photo of them! Rest assured, this is not how they dress everyday. (Ha-ha!) They were all gussied up for Brian's 30th birthday party, which was a Murder Mystery party with a Wild West theme. Anyway, back to the tag...I followed nearly the same steps as I did when creating Tyler's tag. In the bottom right corner, though, I drew an arrow, pointing them to the back side of the tag where I wrote them a little message.

Oh, and one more idea before I go...if you were creating a larger tag (invariably for a bigger box), you could print out {one} photo of both the gift recipient and you, the gift giver. Then, you could attach "to" stickers as well as "from" stickers.

Well, I'm off to get ready for Steve & Nancy's anniversary party! Should be fun...and I'll take lots of pictures! Hope you have a super-duper Saturday!

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