Thursday, July 9, 2009

Card Inspired by Paint Chips

Yes, this wish big card was inspired by none other than paint chips! Let me explain...

While Brian and I were in Lowe's the other day, we passed by the paint department. (Earlier that morning, we had just been discussing how the exterior of our home needed to be painted.) So, instead of completely bypassing the paint department, we stopped in and perused several brochures as well as paint chips. Many of the paint chips had single colors on them, but the ones that caught my eye had three or four colors on them. What fun it would be, I thought, to take those colors and incorporate them into a card?!

And as you can see, that's exactly what I did! The four colors on this paint card include: Sunrise Beach (yellow); Dusty Aqua(blue/green); Ocean Fog (blue/purple); Fruit Punch (red/pink).

After I brought the paint card home, I searched through my Stampin' Up! and Papertrey cardstock collections, trying to find colors that were similar to the ones on the card. From there, I knew I wanted to make a birthday card with balloons, so I headed over to my Cricut to cut out different colors and sizes. I outlined the balloons and drew the strings and dash marks using an American Crafts precision pen (03). Here's the complete supply list for the card.

Cardstock: Stampin' Up!
Stamp: Short & Sweet by Stampin' Up!
Rhinestone Stickers: Michael's Stores
Misc: Cricut, American Crafts Precision Pen (03), Pop Dots (SU!)

But I wasn't content with just one paint card, so I brought a few more home. Don't worry; I didn't go crazy and take like 85 of them. Just three more that I liked. You never know--they, too, may provide color inspiration for a card or layout.

This is just one more instance where I'm reminded that inspiration is really all around us; you just have to be on the lookout for it!

Speaking of color combinations and inspiration, here's my favorite exterior paint color palette. I love the gray base, white trim and black shutters/front door. What a classic color palette! Too bad we don't have shutters on our current house; otherwise, I'd use this color combination in a heartbeat! Perhaps, I'll have the opportunity down the road in our next house!

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Anonymous said...

You are TOO creative for your own good! I love the balloon card-- great color combo!


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