Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi all!

Earlier today, we drove up to Chico with a group of church friends to say goodbye to Father Simon. (He's retiring from the priesthood and heading home to Ireland.) It was great to see him, but hard to say goodbye. Anyway, I have a post in the making, but I don't want to publish it until I add a few of Jen Yearwood's photos.

In the meantime, here's a bit of randomness for you. These are just a couple little things that have popped into my head recently and I've thought, "I should share that on my blog!" BTW, I learned all of these tidbits of information from my hubby. (Thanks, Babe!)

Cell Phone Address Book Contacts
In the address book of your cell phone, be sure to indicate your important family members--not just by name but also by title--especially those with whom you share a home. In my cell phone address book, Brian is listed as Brian - Husband, along with his cell phone number. In the event of an emergency--say I was hurt in a car accident and unresponsive--the firefighter/paramedic (or nurse at the hospital) could scroll through my phone address book and quickly locate my husband's phone number.

Cleaning Yucky Dishes
*Ever have a dish where the food is so caked on, you leave it soaking for awhile in soapy water? Then, you return 30 minutes later and find that it is still difficult to rinse the food off? Next time, fill the dish up to the top with water and then squirt some liquid dishwasher detergent into it. Come back ten minutes later and the food will roll right off the dish.

Putting on Pillowcases
*When I was younger, I wrestled with my pillows as I struggled to slide the pillowcases onto them. But when Brian and I moved in together, he showed me an easy way to put them on. (I think most of you probably already do this, but I'll share it with you anyway.)

1) Turn the pillowcase inside out.
2) Place your hands up inside the pillowcase and pinch the two corners at the end.
3) With your fingers still holding the corners, grab the end of the pillow (with the tag) and roll the pillowcase onto the pillow.

Now, it's your turn...what household tips and tricks have you learned recently...or not so recently?!

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