Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank Goodness for Sundays!

Today was a great day!
Early this morning, I learned that my butterfly card (letter E) made Dawn McVey's In the Spotlight.

Woo! Hoo!

There are so many great cards in this round-up. I especially love the ribbon flower on Letter M and the trees on Letter N. Very creative!

After my hubby arrived home from work, we headed out to the California State Fair for a few hours.

As I've done for many years, I said "hello" to the pygmy goats and checked in on the baby animals. Just-born piglets and lambs are the cutest.

Walking around outside among the animal pens, I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of the day. The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing, my husband and I were spending time together. And although I had anticipated having to deal with lots of people, there were no crowds to speak of...which was good for us, but bad for the fair, I know.

I would have loved to hang with the animals all day, but I wanted to see the county exhibits, so we moseyed into that building. I snapped a few photos of the elaborate displays to share with my fourth graders who are studying California's four main regions.

Here's an interesting sign from the Sacramento County exhibit.

And another...did you know that Gold Rush Days will be taking place this Labor Day weekend in Old Sac? Admission is FREE. For more information, click HERE.

After taking in the exhibits, it was time to head to the Hotdog on a Stick stand. Brian and I both feasted on corn dogs and lemonade while relaxing on a bench in the shade. And for dessert, we couldn't resist sharing a delectable cinnamon roll doused with creamy, white frosting. (I don't even want to think about how many calories we consumed!)

Following lunch, we visited Building 8 in the Expo Center to see all of the wonderful handmade creations on display. Here is the first bank of cards. My favorite was the What's Cookin? card in the top right corner. I love the cut-out apron, whisk and spatula. Too cute!

Here's the second bank of cards.

I'm not too crazy about the way in which the fair displays the cards. Last year, after the fair was over and my cards had been returned to me, I noticed that nearly all of them had marks in them from the pins holding them up on the wall. And this year, my heartfelt wishes card had several noticeable marks on it where someone tried unsuccessfully to attach it to the display. I never sell the cards I make for the fair, but I certainly like to send them to family or friends once the fair is over. And if they have tons of ugly indentations in them, I'm less likely to do so. Hmm...perhaps, it's time to drop the fair a line letting them know how I feel.

Anyway, after the fair, we headed home where I took a catnap. (Afternoon naps are the best!)

An hour later, we ate a delicious dinner (prepared by chef Brian) and then attended Mass.

What a wonderful day!

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Steve said...

I have to say it was quite neat to go and see your work at the fair. Tyler was especially excited to see his aunt and uncle's picture on your London page.

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