Sunday, October 4, 2009

DM's Color Challenge #17

It's time for another COLOR CHALLENGE! Dawn McVey recently created this adorable bicycle card and I *loved* it so much that I decided to copy it for this challenge. I know it's not much of a challenge when you just replicate someone's original card (I know full well that I'm NOT going to be In the Spotlight), but I'm hoping Dawn doesn't mind since I'm giving her full credit! :-)

Here are the five colors:

And my card:

I haven't had time to participate in challenges recently (since I'm teaching a brand new grade level), so it was quite a treat to play with paper, ink, stamps, and ribbon today. And now, I have a cute card to share with a friend or family member.


Taheerah said...

It may be a CASE but it's a great CASE! Beautiful card and the colours for the challenge translate really well to it!

Sue Lelli said...

Pretty ribbon treatment! It added a lot to your card!

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