Monday, October 26, 2009

Four Bridges Relay Run

Yesterday, my mom, my hubby, and I ran the Four Bridges Half Marathon Relay. Brian ran this same relay several years back with two friends, but for me and my mom, it was a whole new experience. My mom ran 3.7 miles (the first leg), I ran 4.1 miles (the second leg), and Brian crossed the finish line having run the last 5.3 miles.

Straight ahead in the white t-shirt and black pants is my mom, who did an awesome job running the first section of the relay.

Go, Mama, Go!!

(By the way, check out the woman on the left who is wearing a teal blue shirt. In black Sharpie marker, she'd written: "Honk! If you love sexy runners!" Just perfect for running along busy Hazel Avenue.)

Seconds after Brian took this picture, I was off to run the next 4.1 miles. On Saturday, Brian loaded up my mp3 player with a string of upbeat country and pop tunes, which really helped me cruise through my run. Songs like Carrie Underwood's "Last Name" and Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" kept me entertained, but I think what also motivated me to get moving was the speed of the runners around me. Each time someone would pass me, I'd push myself to run even faster. (Especially if it was a man or woman who was, say, twenty, thirty, even forty years older than me.)

Brian's parents, Kathleen and Mike, came out and cheered us on as we ran the course. Their support really made a difference!

We certainly didn't break any land speed records, but we successfully completed the run as a team, and that's what matters most!

What's next, you ask?

Why, the Run to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving Day.

We usually run the 5K, but this year, we've decided to take on the 10K!

Six miles should be a bit of a challenge, but I think we're up for it.

In the meantime, it's back to the gym to continue training.

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Katie Beth said...

Great job, y'all!!! I am unbelievably proud of you guys! Justin and I are participating in a run on Thanksgiving as well! Here it's called the Turkey Trot (reminds me of Trajan- haha) and it supports the Dallas YMCA I think-- it is an either timed or untimed 8 mile or 5K... we are choosing to do the 5K timed! I can't wait! I still think running for a charity on Thanksgiving Day is so much fun! Are y'all going to hand out sandwhiches to the homeless with the Wihls this year?

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