Monday, February 1, 2010

The DOGS won!

My husband was one happy man on Saturday after he and his firefighter teammates (the dogs) defeated law enforcement (the hogs) in this year's annual Pig Bowl/Guns 'n Hoses game.

This sign turned out to be right on; the dogs did STOMP the hogs!
But it wasn't an easy win.

At the half, the dogs were up by six. :-)

In the third quarter, however, the hogs pulled ahead by one point.

The fire fans were slightly disappointed, but oh so determined to help their team come back.

We cheered,

we clapped,

we stomped,

we screamed,

we yelled.

We blew our air horns and rattled our cow bells.

Even Tyler (donning his shark sunglasses) and his stuffed bull were getting into it.

Brian played every single offensive play run by the dogs, but when the defense was in, he waved to us, stood on the sidelines or rested on the bench.

In the fourth quarter, Brian and his teammates scored again, ultimately defeating the hogs 29-22. (But we were all biting our nails during the last two minutes of the game!)

After the exciting game, family and friends congratulated Brian on the fire win.

Brian and his Mom

Brian and his parents

Brian with his Dad and Grandpa

Brian and Tyler

Congrats again to the fire dogs on their win!

And thanks to all of you who came out to watch the game. According to The Bee, over 7,000 people attended the game, which means that lots of money was raised for local charities.

One more thing to cheer about! :-)


Tina said...

Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!! The boys say Yippeee!!! We just looked through the pictures and wished we could have been there!

Katie Beth said...

This looks like TOO much fun! I so-o-o-o wish I could have been there to cheer on Big B and the rest of the Dogs! ... and you all thought the weather was going to be terrible! It looks like it was beautiful! Much better for picture taking :)

And can I just say that I LOVE the picture of you, Nikki and her little one, Tyler. What a sweet picture! I just love that he has one hand on each of you. Very cute!

Go Dogs!

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