Sunday, February 7, 2010


As you might know, Brian and I have been following the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) for about a year now. We record each week's events on Versus on our DVR and then watch them later when we are both home. In early January, we learned that the PBR would be here in town, and we jumped at the chance to see the action in person.

In November of last year, Kody Lostroh (pictured above) was crowned the 2009 Professional Bull Rider's World Champion. Kody has been my favorite rider for many months. I have a lot of respect for someone who has the courage to climb on the back of a 1500+ pound animal and ride him for 8 seconds. Throughout 2009, Kody climbed on, held on, and even made it look easy.

But the night we saw Kody Lostroh compete, the bull bucked him off. (Brian took some great action shots, huh?!)

Kody is a devout Christian and a real level-headed down-to-earth guy. I think he makes a great spokesperson for the PBR.

Immediately following the first round on Friday night, Lostroh and his nemesis, J.B. Mauney (pictured on the right), competed head-to-head in a match-up for a $10,000 cash prize. Lostroh got bucked off his bull, and Mauney stayed on for eight seconds, so J.B. Mauney took home the money.

Throughout the night, Flint Rasmussen, the funniest rodeo clown around, entertained the crowd by telling jokes and dancing! (Let's just say, Flint's got skills!)

After the event, Brian and I posed for a quick photo. I was sporting my new cowgirl hat from Boot Barn. (Now, I don't have to borrow Brian's hat!)

After the competition, many of the bull riders autographed hats, programs...even body parts. (Use your imagination!) I was so impressed that the riders took the time to say hello to their fans. Too bad Kody didn't make an appearance; you know I would have been first in line! Ha!

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