Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art Projects for Kids

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this great blog, which contains tons of art projects for kids!

Through her blog, Kathy Barbro, an art teacher here in California, shares tons of awesome art lessons (with step-by-step directions) as well as pictures.

It's really easy to find lessons for a certain grade level, a particular artist or even an art style. Just log onto Kathy's blog and scroll down until you see a list of labels on the left hand side. Then, select the grade level, artist or style you are looking for. (And for kids who aren't yet in school, just click on "0 grade.")

I especially love these silly eyeglasses, which will be perfect for tomorrow, April Fool's Day!

What kid wouldn't love to make and wear a pair! :-)

My kids will be creating their own, but since I don't have a bunch of eyes cut out and ready to go, they will have to draw their own.

Look for pictures of my fourth graders sporting their new shades soon.

Can't believe it's almost April!


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