Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

The fourth graders loved making their shades in honor of April Fool's Day!

When I took the first group shot above, I said, "Okay, everybody look my way and say April Fool's" not thinking that they couldn't see me behind their glasses.

A few kids laughed and one student said, "Mrs. H, we can't see you!"

Oh, yeah...right! Ha-ha! :-)

A few kids tried tricking me early on in the day, and I played along.

Later on, though, I started calling their bluff.

One student (who shall remain nameless) told me he was moving...and just for a second, I secretly celebrated in my head, then remembered it was April 1st. Darn it!

Did anyone pull a trick or prank on you today?!

Brian gave it the old college try, but I could see it coming from a mile away, having heard the kids say "April Fool's" all day long!

A fellow fourth grade teacher pulled a great prank on her students. She read them an official note explaining that they would have to come to school for the next three Saturdays to prepare for the upcoming STAR testing. When she finished the letter, she turned the paper around to reveal the words "April Fool's!"

Isn't that clever?! I'm definitely doing that next year!

Happy almost Friday (and Spring Break for me),

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