Monday, April 26, 2010

Week In The Life: Sunday, 4/18

We woke up bright and early this morning, thanks to the big skylight in our bedroom. A few minutes after we awoke, Brian opened the blinds on our window and spotted six deer drinking from the creek in our front yard. I tried to snap a picture of them, but given the distance between us and the deck railings in the way, I didn't have any luck.

After eating a breakfast of yogurt and grape-nuts, I headed back to our room to work on organizing the closet. The O.C. part of me loved assembling my shoes neatly on shelves instead of throwing them on the floor like I did in our old house.

No working phone line yet and very sketchy cell service. I've been pathetically walking around the house hoping for a bar, maybe two on my phone. Occasionally, a bar will pop up only to disappear seconds later. Maybe it's a sign I should be unpacking and organizing instead of talking or texting on the phone.

At least I have tunage (otherwise known as music) via the television to keep me entertained while I'm placing clothes on plastic hangers and unpacking boxes.

Later on in the afternoon, I took a break from unpacking to join Brian and the dogs in the fenced yard.

The dogs love having more room to run around and play.

We drove down to Sunday night church and then hit Safeway for some groceries before heading home. As we drove 40 minutes home, Brian and I remarked how weird it felt to be driving so far after church. It used to take us just five minutes to get home.

A sweet surprise was waiting for us when we arrived home, though. This plate of delicious lemon cookies from our neighbor, Erin, greeted us on the front porch. What an incredibly thoughtful gesture!

We hope to meet Erin and our other neighbors very soon.

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