Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tylerosaurus is Four!

Now that the school year is winding down a bit, I'm back on the blog bandwagon and getting caught up on a few long overdue posts.

Like this one for example, which I've had in my drafts folder since mid-March.

Sorry, Tyler!

Brian and I had so much fun celebrating our Godson's 4th birthday dinosaur-style!

Here's the dinosaur-lover and birthday boy, Tylerosaurus, sporting his Carnivore dinosaur shirt.

And check out this awesome orange dinosaur cake, courtesy of Tyler's grandmother.

Each child assembled a cool stegosaurus like this one during the party.

And because it was a dinosaur-themed party, we had to buy Tyler a toy dinosaur (seen here with Nicole and Steve) who roars, stomps, and rips your head off.

Just kidding...sometimes my imagination has a mind of its own.

Plus, I like to see if you are paying attention. I do the same thing in my classroom like yesterday when I told my students that they would have homework over the summer break. Not! :-)

Back to the dinosaur toy...you should have seen Brian testing out a variety of dinosaurs in the aisle of Toys 'R Us. It was a hoot!

Oh, and of course, teacher Jennie had to purchase a few dinosaur books for Tyler, too.

Tyler seemed to have a blast at his party, and I know we did!

Thanks, Liotine family, for letting us share in Tyler's birthday celebration!

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