Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week In The Life: Friday, 4/23

5:50 am: Breakfast!
My favorite: Yogurt and Grape-nuts. Otherwise known as "crunchies."
Vanilla yogurt is my favorite, but strawberry yogurt is the next best thing!

6:00 am: Time to hit the road!

11:30 am: Probability experiment in Math

11:35 am: More group fun with dice

1:15 pm: One of my students told me today that he can talk whenever he wants because "it is a free country." Wish I had a picture of my facial expression as I reacted to his statement. And a picture of his grandmother's face when I told her what he had said at a meeting right after school.

4:02 pm: When I got home, I took the dogs out to the yard and threw the ball for them. Lucy kept barreling down the hill; she has no brakes. Occasionally, I find myself ducking behind the big dog house for cover. Lucy was so excited to fetch that she dropped the ball right on my pant leg. I'm noticing that I get a bit dirtier out here in the country. I guess that's why we have a washing machine!

4:30 pm: After hanging with the dogs for awhile, I headed inside to have a celebratory Sierra Mist for making it to Friday!

4:35 pm: The infamous "teacher bucket" filled with lots of fun stuff to do over the weekend. Gotta love the duck tape! I broke my first bucket (because I overloaded it and then maneuvered it down one too many steps) and then this one started coming apart. Being a "fruggie" (aka cheap), I decided to throw some duck tape around it and call it good. Luckily, it's still going strong!

5:00 pm: Dinner time for the dogs! As you can see, Lucy eats faster than the "Rude Dude."

6:00 pm: As I was unpacking a moving box, I came across a tote of children's books. (These are books that never cross the threshold of my classroom. They are part of my personal book collection to be shared only with little ones who come to our house.) Anyway, Anastasia Krupnik was one of my all-time favorite chapter books. Okay, okay, I adored ALL of the Anastasia books in the series. And I still remember how excited I was to meet Lois Lowry in person in the fifth grade!

6:15 pm: This photo was taken in the glass closet doors in the office. As you can see, we still have A LOT of unpacking and setting up to do!

8:00 pm: I had the sweetest conversation with my Aunt Susie tonight. She and her husband, Rich, are celebrating 25 years of marriage next week. I remember bits and pieces of their wedding day, but what sticks out most was the white ruffly dress I donned as a flower girl. (Wonder if my mom still has it in a closet somewhere?) Anyway, many congrats, Susie and Rich, on your upcoming silver anniversary!

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