Monday, May 3, 2010

Week In The Life: Thursday, 4/22

I have school! (Ha-ha!) And I'm wearing green because it's Earth Day!
Oh, and if you look closely in the top left corner of the back window, you'll see an ugly brown building...that's my portable!

Does anyone know where the exclamation point key is?! Because I can't seem to find it. Just kidding! That's four exclamation points in four sentences. Enough already.

These oh-so-comfy Keen shoes are not oh-so-cute anymore, but they feel so good on my feet. I bought them for our first trip to Europe back in 2006 and walked all over England, France, Switzerland, and Italy in them. They were pricey at $90, but it was well worth the investment. Since then, I've worn them all around town and on other trips we've taken. And to school on days when my feet just want to "veg" out.

Speaking of school, leaving each day at 3:00 p.m. is proving to be quite a challenge. I have to really hustle to get done what needs to get done in the classroom and then throw the rest of my stuff in the bag for home. It means less time to do copying, e-mail parents, prep for lessons and update my class website.

Although now that I think about it, most of that "stuff" with the exception of the copying and some of the prep, can be done at home.

I keep telling myself, "It's only your first week of commuting. Give yourself time to get used to it." My plan is to keep tweaking my schedule and my to-do lists and my expectations until I find a happy medium.

ADT came out today and set up our alarm system. We've never had an alarm system before, but it's a cinch to alarm and disalarm. Now, let's hope I don't set it off accidentally by exiting the house before disabling it.

We've received several anniversary cards this week in the mail, and we really appreciate all of the well wishes from family and friends as our sixth anniversary quickly approaches.

Sup's up! Leftover spaghetti and grapes. Oh, and I had some cucumber slices with Ranch to fulfill my veggie quota.

Brian left on his annual fishing trip today, so I'm flying solo for dinner. What goes great with spaghetti, grapes, and cucumbers? Why, The Office, of course!

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