Saturday, July 10, 2010

Go Mets Layout

I have another layout to share today. Apparently, I've been bitten by the scrapbooking bug!

In this scrapbook page, I focused on sharing pictures + details from the night Brian and I went to see the Mets play the Yankees in May 2005.

The journaling reads:
Brian has been a huge fan of the New York Mets ever since he played Little League baseball on a team with the same name. So, when we were in New York in 2005, we had to attend a Mets game. It just so happened that the days we were in town, the Mets were playing the Yankees in the Subway Series. On Friday, May 20th, we rode the subway to Shea Stadium where we watched these two rival teams play ball. During the latter part of the game, two die-hard fans--one Mets fan and one Yankees fan--started fighting in the stands. Maybe it was their loyalty that drove them to do so, or perhaps, it was the amount of beer they had consumed. Who knows?! It was a good game, but ultimately, the Mets made one too many errors and the Yankees won, 5-2. After the game, Brian and I boarded a jam-packed subway train bustling with hundreds of New York baseball fans. I'm not usually one for loud, cramped spaces, but I remember feeling alive--the energy and vitality of the group contagious.

Using a sketch from this book, Scrapbook Page Layouts: Sketches for Creative Layouts by Becky Fleck, proved to be incredibly helpful.

I love that Becky provides clear sketches as well as multiple examples of how the sketch might be interpreted. For instance, you can flip the whole sketch on its side (if your main photo is horizontal rather than vertical), move the title or subtitle around or add or subtract the number of photos on the layout.

I've become a big fan of sketches because they provide me with an excellent jumping off point, but can be easily adapted to fit my needs.

More completed scrapbooking layouts coming shortly.

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