Monday, August 23, 2010

An Interview with Grandpa, Part II

Last week, I wrote about an interview with my Grandpa, and shared some pictures of the book I created to house the questions and responses. Here are a few additional pictures of the book, along with the thoughts I had while assembling it.

Putting together this book opened my eyes to my grandfather's unique life experiences.

Putting together this book reminded me of my grandfather's love for his family, his incredible sense of humor, and his belief in the need to be self-reliant (which my dad, in turn, impressed upon me).

Putting together this book reminded me of the brevity of life; we have a finite amount of time here on earth.

Putting together this book stirred up memories of my grandmother...her laugh, her smile, her love for my grandpa.

Putting together this book helped me to identify the things I have in common with my grandfather.

Putting together this book conjured up more questions I want to ask my grandfather.
Questions like:

What kinds of mischief did you get into as a child?

What kinds of mischief did my dad get into as a child?

What kinds of pranks did you play on your kids growing up?

What was your greatest challenge and how did you overcome it?

What do you wish for your grandchildren and great grandchildren?

Interviewing my grandpa and assembling this book were such rewarding experiences. So much so, that I'm eager to interview my other grandparents soon.


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