Monday, August 30, 2010

For Today: August 30, 2010

I love this simple documentation idea from The Simple Woman's Daybook via Ali Edwards' blog:

August 30, 2010

Outside my workshop window...the sun has just set; it's twilight.

I am thinking...about how much fun I had seeing Eclipse with my mom this afternoon.

I am thankful for...such a wonderful class of fourth graders. The majority of them are super eager to learn, and those who aren't can easily be bribed with licorice. :-)

I am wearing...a white tank top and jean shorts.

I am creating...a scrapbook layout of our family get-together earlier this month.

We are be traveling on a plane in November. Details to come!

I am reading...Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing at school and The Elements of Style at home. And I'm listening to a Debbie Macomber book in the car.

I am hoping...that our librarian and nurse will be rehired soon.

I am hearing...the computer whirring, Rudy stirring, Lucy snoring, and the sounds of my fingers tapping the keys.

Around the house...we're in post-party mode with the furniture back in its original places, extra chairs stacked, dishwasher emptied, and the refrigerator stocked with leftovers.

One of my favorite things...right now is playing Words with Friends. I'm learning to locate the double word and triple word squares, cover them up with letters, and rack up the points.

A few plans for the rest of the week...grading writing papers (each student wrote about a terrible, no-good day), working out, and spending time with my hubby.

A few pictures to share...

...from Brian's visit to my classroom last week. We're discussing risks and consequences in our Open Court reading unit, so I thought it would be fitting for Brian to come in and talk about his risky job. The kids loved it!


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