Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Want to Remember: Family

For the past few summers, my sisters and niece, who all live out-of-town, have journeyed back home for a weeklong visit. I only get to see them two or three times a year, so I look forward to our time together. To document our family fun, I borrowed a writing prompt from Ali Edwards called "I Want to Remember."

I want to remember the games we played together: Bocce ball, badminton, and UNO Flash. A little friendly family competition = good times.

I want to remember the meals we spent together, all sitting around the dining room table, laughing, throwing peas at one another, and laughing some more.

During mom and dad's anniversary dinner, I overcooked the cheese in the fondue pot (fried queso, anyone?), but thankfully, Brian had brought a second package of cheese, saving the meal.

For dessert, Kate whipped up a delicious chocolate fondue. I couldn't get enough of these Rice Krispy treats, which I doused in warm chocolate prior to devouring.

I want to remember the afternoons and evenings hanging out together on mom and dad's patio.

I want to remember the dogs (Grace, Hope, Rocky and Ruby) running around the backyard, gobbling up ice cubes, wrestling, chewing on rawhide bones, digging holes, and being showered with attention.

I want to remember Brian playing Barbies with McKayla.

McKayla is in hysterics here because Uncle Brian is squeezing Barbie's plastic canine companion over her hand, causing the dog to "pee" on her. Ew!!

I want to remember reminiscing about our elementary school days...our favorite teachers, popcorn with movies, trinkets in the prize box, and that vexing subject known as mathematics.

I want to remember McKayla performing a back bend for us.

Bravo, McKayla!

I don't think I could bend my back like that at eight ever.

I want to remember to cherish the times we've had together.

I want to remember how important family truly is.


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Mindy said...

Lovely post and such special memories! Looks like a really fun time!

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