Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer 2010

I had a blast this summer!

I really did!

Brian and I didn't travel anywhere like we usually do.

There were no international getaways or trips here in the U.S.

Which, I must admit, was a bit difficult for me to digest initially. (The travel bug in me yearned to get on an airplane...and STAT!)

But our staycation here at the new house was just as good for the soul as traveling abroad, and most definitely easier on the pocketbook.

With my summer break rapidly coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to create a layout documenting the wonderful experiences I've had over the past two months.

The journaling reads:
Hiking, watching Tyler swim, reading the Twilight series, roasting s'mores with the choir, photographing Chase, decorating our new house. Enjoying my new birthday computer, spending time with family, playing with the dogs, running on the treadmill, shooting with my new 50mm lens. Swimming with Courtney and Hailey, cooking meatloaf in the kitchen, eating outside on the deck.

While early August marks the end of my summer break and the beginning of the school year, it also means that my sisters are in town visiting. In fact, my sister, Katie and her boyfriend, Justin, are on their way up to our house as I write. They are coming up to see our new digs and have lunch with us. Can't wait to spend time with them!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


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